3D Laser Scanning

“Give your design team complete, accurate and up to date as-built information on which to base their design.”

Laser scanning is fast becoming the leading technology for 3D documentation and measurement of space and structures.  We deliver highly detailed 3D Documentation and 3D images of complex environments and geometries.  We offer solutions for As-Built documentation, Building Information Modelling and Asset and Facility Management.

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Follow our 3 easy steps for professional advice and best price quotes for your Land Surveying requirements.


  • Digitize and document as-built conditions for commercial redevelopment, plant layout, infrastructure and enhanced data presentation with augmented reality. Our clients in the architectural design industry as well as civil engineering, construction, facility management and cultural heritage are among those who have  benefitted from laser scanning solutions.
  • Capture 3D data on building projects at every point of construction to ensure compliance with design.  3D laser scanning aids building design at every stage of construction. The 3D model compared versus the current 3D building status ensures quality control, a process which eliminates expensive and time-consuming rework.
  • Document facilities and their assets in 3D data. Through 3D Laser Scanning we document entire facilities and their assets, such as power components, machineries, pipe works and tanks. This scan data can be used for building management, collision detection for retrofits, as-built documentation for CAD modelling and other plant design tasks.


  • Faster results! Short timeframes to collect complete, accurate and up to date as-built information.
  • Save time in design phase by having complete information / facilitates effective project decisions and shorter project cycle time with less ambiguity.
  • Point clouds can be conveniently used & reviewed by others using free Leica and Autodesk software for more efficient management of projects
  • Construction QA/QC purposes.  Compare “as-designed” model to “as-built”.
  • Provides inputs to BIM workflow.
  • Safer data capture / easily capture point cloud data of remote or unsafe sites.
  • Reduced facility downtime due to fast, unobtrusive scene capture, minimal field fit-up and field rework.


  • Solid models of structural and MEP components
  • Revit models, 3d Autocad and other major software formats
  • Traditional 2d CAD floor plans, sections, elevations
  • Structural deformation analysis