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Subdividing your land offers a strategic approach to maximizing its value, while our meticulous surveys ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Whether you’re a homeowner considering splitting your property or a seasoned developer seeking to optimize a larger parcel, our team of experienced land surveyors can guide you through the entire process.

Regardless of your background or project scope, we believe in clear communication, transparent costs, and a collaborative approach.  We’re committed to delivering successful subdivisions that meet your requirements on time and within budget.

We offer the services below individually or as a package where we handle the subdivision process from beginning to end:

  • Pre Development/Subdivision Consultation and Advice
  • Topographical Survey
  • Scheme plan of Subdivision
  • Resource Consent Applications
  • Land Transfer Survey / Legal Survey
  • Asbuilt Survey
  • Section 92 Information Request
  • Application for Section 224c Certification
  • Removal of Limitations Survey
  • Boundary Relocation / Adjustment Survey
  • Land Transfer Survey / Legal Survey
  • Asbuilt Survey
  • Section 92 Information Request
  • Application for Section 224c Certification
  • Removal of Limitations Survey
  • Boundary Relocation / Adjustment Survey

Got a Question about subdivisons?

Can I subdivide?

To subdivide your land, your plan must comply with the Council’s District Plan rules.

These rules cover various aspects like:

  • Building Platforms: Ensuring suitable space for structures.
  • Lot Sizes: Minimum dimensions for each new section.
  • Building Height and Yards: Restrictions on building height and required distances from boundaries.
  • Open Space and Parking: Provisions for private open space and adequate parking for each lot.

These requirements can vary depending on your property’s zoning. Additionally, you’ll need to demonstrate how essential services like wastewater, stormwater, power, telephone, and water will be provided to all the new lots.

What is the cost of subdivision?

The cost associated with subdivision will vary from property to property which may include the following:

  • Council fees for 1) Subdivision & Land Use Consent application; 2) Section 223 and 224 Certificates; and 3) Engineering Plan Approval
  • Cost of connecting to or extending/improving the public infrastructure network
  • Development contribution
  • Fees of consultants (Surveyor, Engineer, Solicitor, etc.)
  • Construction costs of engineering works (drainage, utilities, driveway, etc.)
  • Land Information New Zealand fees

Get a clear picture! Contact our Experts for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote tailored to your property.

What is a typical subdivision process?

A typical subdivision process is as follows:

  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Site Topographical Survey
  • Resource Consent Application and Issue of Consent
  • Design and Approval of Engineering Works
  • Site Construction which are typically 1) Access Ways; 2) Drainage; 3) Utilities; and 4) House build (if integrated)
  • Preparation of New Title Plans
  • Council sign-off of Completed Site Works/Subdivision
  • Land Transfer Survey (pegging boundaries)
  • Solicitor applies for new Titles

For a downloadable summary of this information, visit our Guide to Land Development and Subdivision.

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A Cross Lease Title means you share ownership of the entire land parcel with other owners.

This comes with restrictions, outlined in the often complex Lease Agreement, on what you can do with your individual property, like renovations, extensions or even significant landscaping.

These limitations can make Cross Lease properties less attractive to buyers and historically reduce their value.

Converting to a Fee Simple Title unlocks your land’s full development potential, allowing for future projects that could further increase its value.  Fee Simple Title attracts a wider range of potential buyers and most importantly gives you full ownership and control over your land.

Our team’s deep understanding of cross leases, gained from personal experience as property owners, allows us to prioritize your needs and efficiently resolve issues. We value clear communication and personalized service, ensuring a tailored solution for your unique situation. Connect with our experienced Professionals today for an obligation free advice and quote.

Defective Cross Lease Titles – Changes made to your property that are not reflected on an old Flats Plan can result in a defective title.  The experts at SurveyPro can resolve this for you, taking care of every step from initial review through to obtaining new titles, ensuring a smooth and worry-free process. Talk to our expert Professionals for advice and quote.  

Buying or selling a Cross Lease property? Get the essential information in our downloadable summary.

Got a Question about Cross-lease?

How does cross lease ownership affect me as an owner?

As a cross-lease property owner, you’re bound by the terms of your lease agreement.

This often means obtaining your neighbors’ consent for any building alterations or extensions and updating flat plans.  There is a risk of disputes between neighbours and ignoring the update of flat plans can lead to a defective title causing potential legal issues when you try to sell.  These limitations can make Cross Lease properties less attractive to buyers and historically reduce their value.

Our experts can help you navigate this process smoothly, ensuring your title is accurate and your property is protected. We’ll work with your solicitor to update your title plan, reflecting any changes made to your property, or convert the cross lease to freehold so you can sell with confidence in the future.

What should I check when buying or selling a cross lease property?

Before buying or selling a cross-lease property, it’s essential to be aware of these key considerations:

Title Check:

  • Obtain and review the property’s title plan.
  • Verify if any building additions or alterations are not reflected on the plan. If so, the title may be defective, potentially hindering a sale.

Building Consent and Approvals:

  • Ensure any additions or alterations have obtained both building consent and formal approval from the other cross-lease owners.

Legal Advice:

  • Seek legal advice on the title’s status before proceeding with a sale or purchase.
  • Familiarize yourself with the terms of the lease agreement, including ongoing maintenance contributions, land use restrictions, and any outdated or unconventional terms.

Future Considerations:

  • Remember that future alterations or additions to the building and land will require approval from all cross-lease owners.

Get Expert Assistance:

Contact us for a comprehensive assessment of your cross-lease property and receive a detailed quote for updating the title if needed. We’re here to guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transaction.

What is the typical process for converting Cross Lease Title to Freehold?

There are a few key steps common to all cross lease conversions, as outlined in the following list:

  • Neighbour agreement – begin any cross lease conversion by discussing the proposal with your neighbors and obtaining their written approval, including an agreement on cost-sharing;
  • Initial investigations – next, we’ll conduct a site assessment, including a topographic survey and utility tracing, to prepare your resource consent application;
  • Resource Consent application to Council – converting cross lease titles requires resource consent. We’ll prepare the application after assessing the site and gathering necessary documents;
  • Cadastral Survey – after obtaining resource consent, our surveyors will mark boundaries, prepare survey plans, and obtain necessary approvals from Auckland Council and LINZ.; and
  • Solicitor applies for new Titles – We’ll collaborate with your solicitor to prepare the required Council documents. Once the survey plans are approved and certificates obtained, they’ll apply for your new titles to finalize the process.

The timeframe to complete the above is around 3 to 4 months. Contact us for an obligation free advice and quote on converting your Cross Lease Title to Freehold.

What is the cost involved in converting Cross Lease Title to Freehold?

Most cross leases can be converted for a cost of $18k per title excl. GST, provided that all existing development has been lawfully established.

We’ll guide you through the seamless conversion process.

Contact our Team for an obligation free advice and quote on converting your Cross Lease Title to Freehold.


Unit Titles and Stratum Subdivision:

Unit title developments involve complex legal frameworks and surveying requirements.  SurveyPro’s in-depth expertise in both the Resource Management Act 1991 and Unit Titles Act 2010 ensures compliance and minimize development delays.

  • Efficient Subdivisions: Meticulous surveys and strategic consulting to streamline the unit title creation process.
  • Problem Solving: Proactively identifying and resolving potential boundary, legal or easement issues early.
  • Maximizing Value: Precise surveying to optimize land use and unit configuration.

Collaborate with our experienced surveyors to achieve your unit title vision.  Contact us today to initiate your project.



Precise Land Surveying: Your Foundation for Successful Construction Project

At SurveyPro, we deliver accurate data that provide the precise measurements and property information you need to:

  • Minimize Delays: Our efficient surveying ensure you have the data you need to begin construction promptly, avoiding project setbacks.
  • Mitigate Risk: Accurate surveys help identify potential issues like boundary disputes or unexpected site features early, minimizing costly rework later.
  • Comply with Regulations: Precise measurements and clear reports ensure your project meets all council requirements, avoiding delays due to non-compliance.

We offer the following services in relation to building and construction requirements:

  • Site levels
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Pre-demolition surveys
  • Building location fixes
  • Finished floor Level Certificates
  • Building Location Certificates
  • Building and Construction set out
  • Boundary Pegging
  • Roading and Car Park Design
  • Earthworks Volume Calculations
  • Height in Relation to Boundary Checks and Certification
  • Monitoring of Settlement and Lateral Displacement Surveys
  • Covenant and Easement Surveys