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SurveyPro is a leading consultancy providing effective and efficient solutions and advice on all matters related to Land Development.  

Our fundamental philosophy is to work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver what they need, when they need it!  We are passionate about providing the right advice and delivering the requirements fast, first time!

We offer Surveying and Resource Management Planning services and have an ongoing relationship/collaboration with reputable Engineers, Project Managers and other Land Development related professional services.  Together, we have the expertise and resources to complete your Land Development projects, whether it be large or small.   

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We offer a complete range of surveying services and utilise the latest technology for maximum efficiency.  Our service covers Residential, Commercial, Rural and Infrastructure Surveys.

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3D Scanning technology is making waves in the industry and we are passionate about this field.   We scan and model building or infrastructure assets and provide accurate as-built information to support design and construction.

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We are excited in providing a unique visualization and asset management tool to allow you to remotely view and manage your assets from anywhere at anytime.

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